Juba Place Eviction

The full story of this ilegal eviction by the municiplity, as told by M du Hlongwa, is available in Zulu and English.

Some of the people made homeless in this eviction have occupied a nearby park and are living there. Occupying public space after an eviction has become an important tactic of resistance against a system that seeks to render the poor invisible. After the 2005 Lusaka eviction the local councillor, Jayraj Bachu, had the front lawn of his office occupied for two weeks. Other people evicted from Juba Place are now staying in the tiny community hall in the Pemary Ridge settlement. Mahendra Chetty from the Legal Resources Centre is acting for the people made homeless in the eviction and there will be a court case soon.

After the Juba Eviction Jayraj Bachu told local residents (living in houses) now we can build something for the Indians on this ground – maybe a hall. So it goes…

Housing evictions laws are discussed here.

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