Kennedy Road and the Councillor

[17min. isiZulu/English]

This video by Aoibheann O’Sullivan was made in April 2005. It documents the struggle of shack dwellers in the Kennedy Road Settlement in Durban, South Africa, against their ANC councillor. Because this documentary was the first film in which Kennedy Road activists discussed and represented issues affecting their community, it became one of the mobilising tools when people from Kennedy Road were first invited to explain their struggle to people in nearby settlements.

Strong alliances formed with nearby settlements and this eventually resulted in the development of a city-wide shack dwellers’ movement, Abahlali baseMjondolo.

This film was often screened with power from a generator in open assemblies attended by hundreds, and in one instance thousands, of people in shack settlements around Durban like Quarry Road, Foreman Road etc.