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Popular Democratic Power is the Way to Challenge Inequality

Thapelo Mohapi23 November 2016, Oslo, Norway
Fighting Inequality – Talks on How to Change the World

Thapelo Mohapi

Greeting to all. I am Thapelo Mohapi the current elected General Secretary of the movement Abahlali baseMjondolo. I would like to begin by thanking our friends at Norwegian People’s Aid for the invitation to participate in this discussion.

Abahlali baseMjondolo is a democratic movement of shack dwellers and other impoverished and marginalized people in South Africa. Last year we celebrated our tenth anniversary. We are the biggest popular movement to have emerged in post-apartheid South Africa. Our movement was formed in Durban 2005 to fight for, promote and advance the interests and dignity of shack dwellers and other impoverished people. Although we do have branches in other cities, and are expanding into other provinces, our movement is concentrated in the city of the Durban and the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Continue reading

Third World Meeting of Popular Movements

S'bu Zikode with Jose Mujica at the Vatican in Rome

S’bu Zikode with Jose Mujica at the Vatican in Rome

Earlier this month S’bu Zikode participated in a meeting of popular movements with the Pope and others at the Vatican. Zikode was able to have a personal engagement with the Pope and valuable discussions with people like former President of Uruguay Jose Mujica, comrades from the MST in Brazil and many others.

There were useful discussions about building popular power to defend human dignity, and the equality of all people, in an increasingly reactionary time. Continue reading

Solidarity with the MST in Brazil

MST4 November 2016
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Solidarity with the MST in Brazil

The National School Florestan Fernandes in Guararema, São Paulo, is the political school for the MST – the Landless Workers’ Movement in Brazil. Our comrades have had the honour of studying and teaching there. We have just received the statement below from the MST. We currently have two comrades at the school.

We are in full solidarity with the MST and all the comrades at the school. Continue reading

Upcoming Engagements with Solidarity Networks

Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA Press statement

26th October 2016


Upcoming Engagements with Solidarity Networks

Our movement is committed to internationalism. We have always understood that while some struggles, like the struggles against gangster councillors, are local other struggles, like the struggle against capitalism, are global. International solidarity has been extremely helpful to us when we have faced repression and we have always offered our solidarity to our comrades elsewhere in the world when they have requested our support. We have learnt a lot from comrades in other struggles in other parts of the world and we have always been happy to host comrades from elsewhere in the world who want to learn from our. Continue reading