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GroundUp: Activist groups unite to fight evictions


Scathing criticism of Durban Municipality for not responding adequately to Foreman Road fire

Photo of a crowd
Residents of Cato Manor met members of civil society formations. Photo: Nomfundo Xolo


“Those people have nothing left. They have no money and no documents. The least the municipality could have done was to bring mobile services to the people so that they can reclaim their lives again, but they were instead treated inhumanely.” Zukiswa Qezo, an organiser with the Social Justice Coalition (SJC), was speaking in Foreman Road, the scene of a shack fire on 12 November that killed a toddler and left hundreds of people homeless.

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Abahlali to hold a Memorial Service in Memory of Sibonelo Mpeku Tomorrow (Thursday)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Abahlali to hold a Memorial Service in Memory of Sibonelo Mpeku Tomorrow (Thursday)

Tomorrow Abahlali will hold a memorial service to respect and honour the life of our late comrade Sibonelo Mpeku. We will be celebrating his life and his contribution to building the power of the impoverished in struggle. Mpeku was one of our great cadres who knew he needed to be humble and respect others in order to demonstrate the kind of leadership that we want. But at the same time Mpeku knew that he needed to be firm and brave to realise land, housing and dignity.   Continue reading

Three Murders in Sisonke Village

Tuesday, 21 November 2017
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Three Murders in Sisonke Village

Three people were murdered in Sisonke Village, in Lamontville, on Sunday, including our chairperson in the area Sibonela Mpeku.

Our members gave Sisonke Village its new name on 13 July 2014 and our branch was launched there on 9 November 2014. During that year we issued statements noting that the local ANC had tried to prevent us from holding meetings and had made serious threats against our members. Since then there has been a long struggle in this area with serious intimidation from the local ANC, including death threats, and at least twenty four armed and illegal evictions. The comrades in the area have rebuilt their homes again and again. They have remained on the land despite regular violence and intimidation. They have organised road blockades and other protests and taken their struggle to court.  Continue reading

After A Devastating Fire, Teargas And Rubber Bullets At Foreman Road

The Daily Vox

Lizeka Maduna

On Thursday, police in Durban used teargas and rubber bullets to disperse an angry crowd of Foreman Road residents, who picketed in the streets after eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede failed to arrive for a meeting with the community.

Residents of the Foreman Road informal settlement in Durban were promised building materials and the chance to plan a way forward with the mayor after a devastating fire razed about 800 homes, killing a family of three, over the weekend. When the community learned the mayor had cancelled her visit to the area on Thursday, they blockaded Clare Road in Clare Estate in anger. Residents used the burnt corrugated iron from their shacks, dustbins and rubbish to block the road.     Continue reading