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Understanding and Overcoming Xenophobia: A One Day Colloquium



At the present moment, xenophobic practices in South Africa are taking a number of nefarious forms from the exclusion of foreign students and staff from universities through the denial of visas, to the systematic unleashing of mob and state violence against the weakest sections of our population. This violence in particular has gone so far as to invade the sanctuary of churches and has included the deployment of the military and not just the police against poor communities thus treating the latter as potential enemies. It has recently become clearer in fact that xenophobia is not a problem of poverty but primarily a problem of identity politics endemic to South Africa, a kind of politics which state institutions and their agents have been pursuing since the early 1990s. Most analyses reduce the question of xenophobia to one of criminality and poverty and deplore xenophobic practices without offering much in terms of ideas for a solution.

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March Against Xenophobia in Durban – 8 April 2015

Organized by Congolese Solidarity Campaign “CSC” and other foreign nationals, supported by Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA

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On Wednesday 08 April 2015, Congolese Solidarity Campaign “CSC” together with Somali Association of South Africa “SASA” and other foreign nationals supported by Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA will be having an Anti-Xenophobia March to demand an end to the current wave of xenophobic violence against foreign nationals.

We are united in our common outrage at the brutal acts of the current wave of xenophobic violence against foreign nationals unleashed over the last few weeks and which shows no end insight, it is important to remember that these horrific acts that have spurred us into action are the result of many years in which xenophobic attitudes, practices, and beliefs have been allowed to exist and proliferate amongst all of us. Continue reading

Statement on the Murder of Mr. Noel Dintshiantshia

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Abahlali baseMjondolol & Congolese Solidarity Campaign joint press statement


Statement on the Murder of Mr. Noel Dintshiantshia

Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Congolese Solidarity Campaign “CSC” are saddened by the sudden death of Mr. NOEL BEYA DINTSHIANTSHIA, who was killed by petrol bomb while he was on duty on Friday night last week. He was working at the BUFFALO BAR, owned by Mr. Naidoo, as a bouncer on the corner of Commercial and gardener Street in the city of DURBAN.

According to the deceased last words before he died, there were some customers who were making a noise and disturbing other customers at the liquor outlet. The owner sent him to tell them that they should respect other customers, but they did not listen. They continue to make noise. The owner sent him to take all of them out and make sure that they are not coming back. Continue reading