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Mercury: Durban’s R35 000 shack shame

Sihle Manda, The Mercury

Durban – A damning forensic investigation has found that city officials fraudulently colluded with bidders who eventually spent about R35 000 per shoddy 2m x 2m room in a 700-unit temporary housing project.

The price of the unit is roughly R10 000 less than what it would have cost the city to build a fully fledged low-cost house. It would have cost the city about R7 000 to buy a similar-sized wendy house and from R4 000 to R6 000 to buy a corrugated iron zozo hut. Continue reading

Kennedy Road shack settlement burns again leaving over 2000 people homeless

5 June 2014

Abahlali baseMjondolo press statement


Kennedy Road shack settlement burns again leaving over 2000 people homeless

At about 19:15pm last night Kennedy Road shacks were on a huge flame of fire which left at least more than 2000 people without shelter etc. The fire is believed to have been caused by an unattended paraffin stove. It is fortunately that there were no injuries or death reported. Women and children are the most affected by this fire. Many of them lost all their belongings inthis fire including foods, furniture, clothing (including school uniforms), IDs and building material.

We are sad that after years of our struggle this community remains in such difficult and in fact life threatening conditions. In December 2005 former eThekwini Mayor Obed Mlaba made a public promise to house Kennedy Road residents in Cornubia. Cornubia is a biggest new greenfield housing development in the province. Today the same Cornubia has been given to other people and the list was made at night in other settlements. We were later told that you have to be the volunteer of the ruling party in order to benefit.

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Daily Sun: Homes Go Up in Smoke!

IT never rains but it pours for the residents of Kennedy Road squatter settlement, near Sydenham in Durban.

A few days ago they were trying to sort out a disaster caused by heavy rain.

Then on Sunday, more than 100 shacks were burned to ashes. Fifty people were injured and 400 spent the night squashed in the municipal halls.

The cause of the fire is not known but it is suspected that faulty electrical connections were involved.

One of the shack dwellers, Mlungisi Khumalo (22), told Daily Sun that he was sleeping in his house at about 11 am when he heard people screaming outside.

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