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The Mercury: Every political murder is a crisis

The ANC needs to accept that the nation exceeds the party and that people have a right to organise independently and take positions of their own choosing, writes Richard Pithouse.

Durban – In the great anti-colonial poem of his youth, Notebook of Return to my Native Land, written on the eve of World War II, Aimé Césaire wrote a profound optimism into the world.

Red Ants and residents clashed near Hammaskraal this week during a protest sparked after residents resisted efforts to evict them. File photo: Masi Losi. Credit: INDEPENDENT ME

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Message of Solidarity from Njabulo Ndebele

I send my deepest sympathies to the family of Ms Thuli Ndlovu for their sad and most unnecessary loss. Abahlali baseMjondolo have equally lost a valuable member. Such assassinations do not belong in a democracy. I join in condemning this assassination without reservation. The SAPS are called upon to do all they can to find the murders and arrest them.

Meanwhile, I send my good wishes to an organisation that is doing so much to highlight the plight of the homeless.

City Press: Liberation betrayed by bloodshed

Liberation betrayed by bloodshed

The tragedy at Marikana reflects the loss of the vision of liberation and the onset of repression by default, argues Njabulo S Ndebele

On the evening of Thursday, August 16, in Johannesburg, I returned to my hotel for a well-deserved rest.

I would turn on the TV, watch the news and then settle back to enjoy yet another episode of Isidingo.

But the evening I imagined was not to be. As the TV flickered to life, a newsreader introduced a breaking news item, and I knew immediately what was being replayed before me.

Police officers opened fire, and dust rose as people in the line of fire collapsed. Continue reading