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Two more shack dwellers killed by state violence in Durban


Two killed in fight over electricity

Two people were killed and seven injured, allegedly by eThekwini Municipality security guards, on Saturday in a fight over electricity.

At about 9am on Saturday a stand-off took place between city officials and residents at the New Germany informal settlement in Reservoir Hills when officials disconnected cables drawing electricity from nearby schools and garages to the informal settlement.

Relatives of Malizo Fakaza and Nhlanhla Mkhize, the men who were killed, are now demanding that the city accept responsibility for their deaths.

Fakaza, who lived in the Kennedy Road informal settlement, was visiting his cousin, Mbali Mdlozini.

He was shot in the head.

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Today Even More of us are S’bu Zikode

7 October 2013

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Today Even More of us are S’bu Zikode

Our movement has faced serious repression since it was formed in 2005. Our protests have been banned, they have been attacked by the police, we have been arrested on trumped up charges, beaten in the police stations, driven form our homes, tortured and murdered.

We have always made it clear that we want to negotiate with the government, that we want to bring the people to the government and the government to the people. But it is clear that the politicians prefer a politic of violence to a politic of negotiation.

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Freedom is Not Real if People Don’t Feel Free

Update: A shorter version of this article has been published in the Sunday Tribune and the Daily Maverick.

Freedom is Not Real if People Don't Feel Free

Lindela 'Mashumi' Figlan*

How can you declare from above that people are free from while they themselves talk from below of feeling unfree?

It is true that freedom comes with so many responsibilities. There are responsibilities from above and from below. Freedom is not just about expressing yourself as happy or not happy. There is no real freedom without justice, equality and democracy. Justice, equality and democracy require that people respect each other's dignity and that society is organised around people's dignity. If we were really free every citizen would feel part and parcel of a country that respected their dignity. They would experience this dignity at work, at home and in all the discussions about the future of each community and the country. They would be able to organise and to express their views in safety. Continue reading

Sunday Tribune: Murder follows MEC’s outburst

The version of this article on the front page of today’s Sunday Tribune is a lot longer than this online version and includes comment from S’bu Zikode

Murder follows MEC’s outburst


Durban – Friends of a Durban activist who was gunned down this week have called on the police to ramp up their investigation into the murder, which came five hours after Health MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo told a public meeting that “troublesome” Nkululeko Gwala should leave Cato Manor, where he was agitating for housing reform.

Gwala had led various housing protests in Cato Crest and the Mayville area over the allocation of RDP houses, with tensions flaring up early this week.

Dhlomo, the ANC’s eThekwini regional chairman, is now accused of inciting and fuelling tensions among Cato Manor residents, after his statements on Wednesday.

The Sunday Tribune is in possession of a recording in which Dhlomo delivered a heated speech at a meeting attended by eThekwini mayor James Nxumalo, saying Gwala, 34, was not wanted in the area, and that he “either leaves the area or the community leaves”.

In the 25-minute recording, Dhlomo says that Gwala should be banished and should “scrub his heels because he is leaving today”.

Five hours later, Gwala was shot 12 times as he arrived at his home in Cato Manor, after watching a soccer match.

Gwala was part of a now-defunct 10-member committee elected to represent the community in March, after an under-pressure Nxumalo had visited the area to quell unrest and warn against land invasions.

Both Nxumalo and Dhlomo singled out Gwala when they addressed the meeting.

Dhlomo told Nxumalo that he must take Gwala, his “homeboy”, back with him to Inchanga.

In the recording, Dhlomo is heard saying: “Mr Mayor, I beg you to take your homeboy with you back to Inchanga. If anyone sees him today, please tell him to scrub his heels, because he is leaving (this area) today.

“ It’s either he goes or the community goes. He must go. He is not wanted here,” Dhlomo told the meeting in Zulu.

An angry Dhlomo responded by attacking the reporter and accused him of having employing underhand tactics.

Dhlomo said the Sunday Tribune was “planting agents to record meetings on its behalf”.

“I’m asking you why you are selective in your reporting? Why don’t you mention five speakers that spoke before me? What is your motive when you say I incited people? I believe it is unethical for you to report on a meeting that you never attended, but instead planted agents for. You have no context whatsoever of that meeting.”