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Response to the Shack-dwellers’ UNFREEDOM DAY event from Christian Aid in Wales

We are here from Christian Aid in Wales and also as representatives of The Union of Welsh Independents, who are the Congregational Churches in Wales, UK. We thank you for welcoming us to join in this event and to be part of your struggle for true and meaningful freedom.

We have not come to offer answers but to question and discover.

We have come to show compassion and solidarity with the marginalized.

We have come here to listen and to observe.

By listening and observing,

We have heard and we have seen.

By listening we have heard –

We have heard the voice of ordinary people asking for clean water, for electricity, better sanitation within their communities and asking not to be disbursed and moved out of their rooted local environment.

We have heard the voice of ordinary people pleading for change and for freedom.

We have also heard promises but we are yet to see action.

By observing we have seen –

We have seen the appalling conditions and the lack of facilities.

We have seen the lack of opportunities.

We have seen the suffering of families and the effect on children and the vulnerable.

We are waiting to see the practical response of those who are in a position to make a difference.

While celebrating political freedom for the nation, how long will ordinary people have to wait before they have the freedom to live normal lives, free from the oppression of poverty? We would like to hear the replies, the announcement of the intentions of those in authority, how and when will change really happen for the poor. When will freedom really come to the Shack-dwellers?

Tom T Defis.

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