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The casspir haunts our present

New Frame

In the 1980s, the yellow casspir became an iconic – and global – symbol of oppression as the apartheid state mobilised increasingly militarised forms of force to try and crush the rebellion raging in townships and land occupations across the country.

The first casspirs were built in a factory in Germiston in 1980 and painted olive green. They were used, most infamously, by the notorious Koevoet “counterinsurgency” unit of the South West African Police in northern Namibia. Then minister of law and order Louis le Grange described Koevoet, which was modelled after the Rhodesian Selous Scouts special forces regiment, as “the crowbar, which prises terrorists out of the bushveld like nails from rotten wood”. It boasted of a “kill rate” of 25:1. Continue reading

The ANC is Militarising Repression in Durban

Sunday, 3 February 2019
Abahlali baseMjondolo

The ANC is Militarising Repression in Durban

Last week the news was full of reports on the arrival of the arrival of three of the four Casspirs that have been ordered by the eThekwini Municipality. We first heard about the order of the Casspirs in 2017 when it was reported that the Municipality was ordering four Casspirs at a cost of R23.8 million due to the “escalation” of what they call “service delivery protests” and “land grabs” or “land invasions”.

This week we were told that Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer was “elated” at their arrival and that they would be used against “protests and land grabs”. The cost is now reported to be R27 million.  Continue reading