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Daily News: Poor ‘cut out of Cup benefits’

June 15, 2010 Edition 1

Nicola Haw

Daily News -

ALTHOUGH many people believe the World Cup has brought immense benefits to the city of Durban in terms of huge advances in infrastructure and tourist benefits, others are of the opinion that it is not as positive as it may seem and not everybody will score during the month-long tournament.

The Durban Social Forum, which encompasses a large number of civil society groups based in and around Durban, says that while Durban officials emphasise the benefits of the World Cup, these developments only affect the rich and serve to deprive the poor.

In order to convey its grievances, the forum is holding a peaceful protest march tomorrow at 10am from Dinizulu Park (Botha’s Gardens) to the City Hall, where members hope to deliver a memorandum outlining their complaints to Mayor Obed Mlaba.

The organisation, consisting of civil society organisations such as Ecopeace, Abahlali Base Mjondolo (Shack dwellers’ movement) and Youth in Action, believe that all the complaints about the negative affects of the tournament have been ignored by Durban officials.

It argues that the R40 million the government had spent on the World Cup could have been used more effectively.

The group also objects to the prioritising of the World Cup over the building of schools and housing for the poor and believes that the hosting of the tournament has led to huge increases in terms of electricity, water and other living costs.

The dangers associated with the World Cup, it says, include threats of human trafficking and child prostitution.


The country, it claims, has sold its obligations to the South African public for a short-term publicity stunt.

“There are hundreds of people being affected by the World Cup and nobody is taking cognisance,” said Des D’Sa, one of the organisers. “It’s the people that make the city, and it’s those very people who are being deprived.

“We welcome the World Cup to South Africa, but our lives should not have to come to a standstill because of it,” said D’Sa.