Abahlali baseMjondolo
Suite 517-20 Tower B
Salisbury Centre
347-351 Dr Pixley kaSeme aka West Street
South Africa

Tel: 031 304 6420
Fax: 031 304 6436
Cell: (27) 083 547 0474
Email: abahlalibasemjondolo [at] telkomsa [dot] net

Abahlali prefers to be contacted directly rather than to have contact mediated by NGOs but if for some reason that is not possible then the NGO that Abahlali prefers to work with is the Church Land Programme and the contact person there is David Ntseng. Please note that in 2006 Abahlali took a decision to refuse to work with the Centre for Civil Society and will not accept any offers of solidarity that do not respect this decision. Please also note that Abahlali meets every Saturday and so there can be no response to invitations, proposals etc until there has been a chance to discuss them at one of the Saturday meetings. The agenda is often quite packed and items often have to be carried over so it is best to allow at least two Saturdays to pass before expecting a reply from the movement.

Please also consult the following document before contacting the movement: A Brief Guide to the History and Praxis of Abahlali baseMjondolo for NGOs, Academics, Activists and Churches Seeking a Relationship with the Movement.

For website-related issues please contact Raj Patel.

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