Evictions at Motala Heights October-December 2006

With an eerie similarity to the era of Apartheid, the eThekwini municipality demolished housing in the Motala Heights area to disperse shackdwellers.They even threatened to destroy a toilet block, which the government had itself built not two years before, in order to make the settlement less habitable. To read more on these breaches of human rights, and the egregious behaviour of the municipality in the run up to the 2010 World Cup, follow these links.

New, November 30 update Shackdwellers have won a court order against the municipality in Motala Heights. Other areas still face the threat of eviction.

A new press release, detailing the municipality's ongoing eviction campaign, available here.

A short report from the first court appearance.

Press Release

Older Press Release

Article from The Mercury

Article from Isolezwe (in Zulu)

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