Abahlali launches a branch in the Foreman Road Settlement

8 June 2014

Abahlali press statement


Abahlali launches a branch in the Foreman Road Settlement

We are determined to focus and spend all our energy building a strong movement in shack settlements and in poor communities.

Today Abahlali will be launching a branch in Foreman Road. Foreman Road settlement is one of the biggest settlements in Abahlali situated in Clare Estate, Durban.

We have had members in this settlement since 2005 but for the last three years there has not been a properly constituted branch in this settlement. The community has recently had several mass meetings to discuss the new to relaunch the local branch and to recruit Abahlali membership.

Today we are pleased that this community will reclaim its membership and join the big family of Abahlali. It is known that the Foreman Road is one of the shack settlements that is excluded from all kinds of services for political reasons. We are aware that the community is not getting development because it is taken as the voting pool for the ruling party to keep this ward in the hands of the ruling party. We also know that local business including transport sees this community as a market in which business can improve its turnover.



George Bonono Foreman Road Organizer 071 7937645

Ndabo Mzimela 079 3556758

Zandile Nsibande 074 7675706

MaMkhize Nxumalo 078 4332719