East Coast Radio: ‘Death of baby Jayden won’t be in vain’: Abahlali

East Coast Radio

Newborn dies in Durban protest

A second post mortem will be conducted today on the body of little Jayden Khoza – who died during a police raid at Durban’s Foreman Road Informal Settlement.    

Jayden Khoza's dad
Father of baby Jayden Khoza who died on Monday during a police raid at the Foreman Road Informal Settlement – Nushera Soodyal


eThekwini Municipality is currently looking at whether it would be possible to supply people in the Foreman Road Informal Settlement with electricity. 

The Mayor’s spokesperson, Mthunzi Gumede, says they also want to made good on a promise to deliver proper housing to families there.

“What we are going to be doing is acquiring about 300 hectares of land which will be used to build more houses,” he said.

Angry and distraught residents took to the streets on Monday and later marched to the Sydenham police station, carrying the body of two-week-old Jayden Khoza, who they say died after he’d inhaled tear gas fired by police.

Sbu Zikode, with Abahlali baseMjondolo, says the newborn’s death could have been avoided if the municipality delivered on what was promised to them.

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