Abahlali to Launch a Branch in eMasenseni, Marianhill

Friday 13 August 2017

Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA. Press statement

Abahlali to Launch a Branch in eMasenseni, Marianhill

On Sunday 11th August 2017 Abahlali baseMjondolo will be launching a branch in eMasenseni in Marianhill in the hostile ward 15. This is the very same area that became a war zone in June this year when the Anti-Land Invasion Unit killed 29 year old Samuel Hloele during an illegal and violent eviction. 

The months of June and July were very harsh for our movement. The municipality returned to evicting people at gun point. We lost the life of two weeks old baby Jaden Khoza who inhaled a teargas when police attacked people in their houses in Foreman Road. We have also lost the life of Samuel Hloele, who was shot from the back by the eThekwini Municipality’s Anti Land Invasion Unit. According to members of Abahlali who witnessed the killing of Samuel the security guard shot Samuel even when he was lying on the floor.

This led to a mass protest against the Municipality and the Mayor and, when the Mayor did not respond to the memorandum, road blockades across the city. The Durban High Court has now interdicted the eThekwini Municipality from evicting or destroying people’s property in seven branches of Abahlali.

The eMasenseni community has decided to have a traditional celebration ceremony where two cows will be slaughtered in celebrating the victory that they have achieved in court. On Monday the 7th August 2017 the leadership of the movement, together with eThekwini Municipality officials were allocating land for those who were illegally and violently evicted by the Municipality so that they can rebuild their houses, as required by the court interdict. The community has started reconstructing the homes that were destroyed by the municipality.

Even though the struggle in eMasenseni was very hard and led to the death of a young man and to two people suffering injuries the community is very grateful that they finally have won the right to the land.

In appreciation of the struggle and the victory that this community has gone through, the community has decided to rename the branch; it is now called eKukhanyeni which means The Light. The community has been facing evictions since 2015 but they now see the light since they are settled in their community.

We would also like to warn the eThekwini Municipality to refrain from demolishing people’s houses in Cato Manor. This is defying the court interdict. More than 13 houses were destroyed in Cato Manor yesterday. Two people were injured. Our legal team is currently working on this matter and our movement will also use all other available strategies to stop and reverse these evictions. Our members remain on the land and are currently rebuilding.

The movement is committed more than ever to fight for, promote, protect and advance the interests of the impoverished and marginalised people of this country. We are committed to see dignity and justice being realised for the poor. We are committed to fight for the inclusion of the impoverished in all policies and laws of this country. We are committed to fight for Umhlaba, Izindlu nesithunzi.


Contact persons:

Thapelo Mohapi – 062 8925 323

Blessing Nyoni- 084 6953 205

Zandlile Nsibande – 062 9471 947