Abahlali to launch a branch in Cato Manor

Sunday, November 26, 2017
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Abahlali to launch a branch in Cato Manor

Abahlali baseMjondolo will be launching a branch in Cato Manor in Umkhumbane today. We have had many members in the area for some time and they are now ready to constitute and elect a council and officially become part of the organised structures of our movement.

The comrades in Umkhumbane have faced serious repression and regular attacks in the struggle for land and dignity. There are comrades who have lost their eyes and ears and some are not walking properly. Mlungisi Mokoena, an 18 year old pupil, was shot in both legs by the Anti-Land Invasion Unit for refusing to let them demolish his home. Women have been severely beaten by these armed men. 

Cato Manor has become a war zone. If you are impoverished, black and not a member of the ruling party you are treated as if you are beneath the law, as if you can be attacked and evicted with impunity, as if you do not count as a person. The Mayor of eThekwini has refused to recognise that people occupying land in Cato Manor should have the same rights as all other people.

We will continue to resist repression, and to take the struggle for land and dignity forward, by building the democratic power of the impoverished and oppressed from below. We have recently reported the unlawful and brutal repression in Cato Manor and other matters, including the murder of our comrade and leader Sbonelo Mpeku last Sunday, to the UN Special Rappoteur for Africa.

The struggle continues despite the constant risk of violence and death.

The branch launch will start at 10:00 am today at Cato manor.

Land & Dignity!
Occupy! Resist! Develop!


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