City Press: Abahlali hammers SACP

Abahlali hammers SACP

Shackdwellers’ movement Abahlali baseMjondolo has lashed out at the SA Communist Party (SACP) saying it had abandoned poor people.

“When the SACP condemns us, it condemns the struggles of the people across the country,” the movement said today.

Abahlali reacted to a party’s statement that had said blockading roads amounted to causing anarchy and that it was reactionary.

“If road blockades are anarchistic and reactionary then it is clear that anarchy and reaction is very popular in South Africa,” Abahlali said.

Abahlali said communities, organisations and movements across South Africa had been blockading roads for years to get their message across.

“We are not the only people who have blockaded roads in Cape Town. Many of the road blockades are not organised by us.”

Abahlali had been organising road blockades around Cape Town recently to protest the slow rate at which housing was being supplied to shackdwellers.