The Interim Order Against the Shallcross Occupation has been Set Aside

27 January 2012
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

The Interim Eviction Order Against the Shallcross Occupation has been Set Aside

The interim eviction order granted by the Durban High Court to evict residents of Shallcross (Ekuphumeleleni, Inkanyezi Housing Project) was set aside this morning. The High Court has ordered the eThekwini Municipality to stop any further eviction of residents pending the 24th of February 2012 on which date this matter has to return in court. In the meantime the evicted residents have returned to their homes for the second time.

Abahlali wishes to express its disappointment at the fact that the attorneys that South African Nation Civic Organization (SANCO) has promised its members in the area since December did not pitch up in court. This was despite insistence of the SANCO leadership last night that they have lawyers which mislead the community. However Abahlali wish to thank its Legal Team – Nichols Attorneys with the support of SERI – for being able to represent the residents and for doing such a good job.

Abahlali note the ongoing housing corruption in this City. There are situations where one house is named for up to four families meaning one family got it lawfully the others have corruptly paid for the same house. The person who got it lawfully is often the one is evicted.

Abahlali believes the Nigel Gumede's Department is responsible for ensuring the fair allocation of houses. According to the Ekuphumeleleni residents a political solution can be found to the mess of this particular housing fiasco but Gumede is avoiding them. They are now adding their voice on the Abahlali campaign that Gumede must go because he has failed the people of Durban. They were chanting 'Hamba Gumde!' outside the court.

Nigel Gumede must go now because if he has already left it would have been possibile to negotiate a solution to the problem caused by the corruption of his department in Ekuphumeleleni and none of this would have taken place.
The Ekuphumeleleni residents will continue to contest this eviction, and the corruption that lies behind the reason to occupy in the first place, in the courts and in the streets. The struggle for the poor to win our right to this city continues.

For more information please contact:

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