ANC members are threatening AbM leaders in Cato Crest now

Update: It was impossible to carry out the process as stipulated by the court order due to intimidation and threats from ANC supporters including open and public death threats. The rule of law is being undermined at every turn. Our lawyers and leaders have now left the area.

17 September 2013 9:11 a.m.
Abahlali baseMjondolo Emergency Press Statement

ANC members are threatening AbM leaders in Cato Crest now

AbM leaders are at Cato Crest with lawyers from both AbM and the City, as per the last court order, to count and mark the shacks that are protected by the court orders.

But ANC members have gathered. Ngiba and the men believed to be his hitmen are with them. They are threatening the AbM leaders. The Land Invasions Unit are on the site in large numbers, as well as a senior politician in a BMW with dark windows and a blue light. But there are no police present.


uBandile speaks to the Cato Crest Abahlali while the ANC mobilise and threaten nearby

It seems that there is an argument between the Municipality's lawyers, the land invasions unit and the politicians and that the land invasions unit wants to mobilise ANC members to make the implementation of the court order impossible.

In September 2009, and for months afterwards, ANC members were able to attack AbM leaders in Kennedy Road with impunity and with clear support from senior politicians. This situation could become serious.

Bandile Mdlalose is on the scene: 084 557 5090

The local police station can be contacted on 031 203 7374

Media are urged to rush to the scene.