Abahlali baseMjondolo Youth League to Commemorate Fallen Comrades on Youth Day

Thursday 15 June 2017

Abahlali baseMjondolo Youth League Press statement

Abahlali baseMjondolo Youth League to Commemorate Fallen Comrades on Youth Day

The movement of Abahlali baseMjondolo will hold Youth Day Rallies in Cato Crest on the 16th of June 2017 and in Siyanda the 18th of June 2017.

The struggle for land, the right to the city, and the insistence on the recognition of the dignity of impoverished people, has resulted in serious hardship in Cato Crest in the past five years. The Marikana Land Occupation has faced numerous illegal and violent evictions. In 2013 our chairperson of the branch, Nkululeko Gwala, was assassinated. Later in the same year Nqobile Nzuza was murdered by the police. She was 17 years old. We are still struggling for justice in the Nqobile Nzuza case. 

The young people in the movement will be commemorating the lives of the comrades who have been killed in the struggle for human dignity. The Abahlali baseMjondolo Choir will be performing some of the struggle songs which they have composed. Their songs speaks about their abuse by the Municipality and the need to organise and resist.

In Siyanda a new choir which comprises of young people will be launched on Sunday. The young people in our movement have always showcased their talent even though they live under such conditions. We have choirs, poets, singers, bands and dance groups in our movement.

In 2017 we remain oppressed. In 2017 the state continues to murder people who resist oppression. On Tuesday this week Samuel Hloele was brutally murdered by the Anti-Land Invasion Unit. His ‘crime’ was to occupy land and build his family a home.

Evictions and repression are worsening in Durban. The new mayor has turned out to be a new oppressor instead of a new hope.

We as the young lions in the movement vow to continue with the struggle even though this means facing the risk of death.

We would like to invite all our friends who are in solidarity with us and all media. The Youth League gathering on 16 June will be in the Cato Crest shack settlement between Bellair Road and Jan Smuts Road.
Sandile Nkebe (Youth League Chairperson): 073 1656 363

Sam Hlophe (Siyanda Branch Chairperson):078 0346621

Mawande Nongalo: 061 3448 529