Brutal Attacks on the new Cato Manor Land Occupation

2 October 2017

Abahlali baseMjondolo Emergency Press Statement

Brutal Attacks on the new Cato Manor Land Occupation

The new land occupation in Cato Manor has ben subject to repeated violent attack by the eThekwini Municipality in violation of both the law and a court interdict. Until recently these attacks were aimed at destroying people’s homes.

But the Municipality is now using the Anti-Land Invasion Unit to attack the occupiers directly. On Saturday and Sunday, and again this morning, the occupiers were attacked by the Anti-Land Invasion Unit. They have set their dogs on people, beaten them with the butts of their guns and attacked them with their fists. Money and phones have been stolen. When the Anti-Land Invasion Unit left after the attack this morning Nhlanhla Mtshali had been beaten so badly that people first thought that he was dead. He is still alive though and has been rushed to hospital.

We are dealing with a violent and criminal municipality that has no regard for the law or for the dignity and lives of the poor. The ANC tells us that we must support them as they will bring land to the people. Yet when we occupy land they repress us with violent criminality. We are confronting a gangster state.

The struggle for land and dignity continues. We will continue to occupy land and to hold the land that we have occupied.

Thapelo Mohapi 072 072 0686

Mqapheli Bonono 073 067 3274

Blessing Izile Nyuswa 084 695 3205