Police Officer Sentenced to Ten Years Imprisonment for the Murder of Our Comrade, Nqobile Nzuza

Monday, 15 January 2018
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Police Officer Sentenced to Ten Years Imprisonment for the Murder of Our Comrade, Nqobile Nzuza

Today Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA came in numbers to the Durban Magistrate’s Court to witness as Phulani Ndlovu, the police officer who murdered our 17 year old comrade, Nqobile Nzuza, in 2013 was sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

Leave to appeal was granted but the Magistrate refused to give bail. The police officer does not show any remorse and he maintained his innocence even though ballistic results proved that that it was his gun that shot Nqobile from behind.  

This matter has dragged on for too long and the family and the movement were going through a tough time.

The movement welcomes the fact that a sentence has been handed down however we do not feel that it pays proper respect to the life of Nqobile.

We continue to struggle for land and dignity, and to struggle against all attempts by all the forces of oppression to make our lives disposable.

We hope that the sentencing of this police officer will send a clear message to all hooligan police officers who see shack dwellers as criminals who are supposed to be shot at. Police officers must understand that if they accept to work for the politicians against the people they will not be protected. Justice may be slow but when there is a powerful movement justice will come.

This conviction and sentence will be celebrated by all the progressive movements struggling for the dignity of the impoverished.

Land, wealth and power must be shared. Impoverishment must be ended. The culture of contempt that results in impunity for those that vandalise our dignity and destroy our homes and lives must be ended. We will never compromise on the struggle to ensure that our lives count that same as all other lives.

Nqobile Nzuza’s life and courage will not be forgotten in our movement. We will honour her life as we honour the lives of all our fallen comrades.

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