Angry Lorraine squatters say move will cost them their jobs

Eastern Cape Herald

Angry Lorraine squatters say move will cost them their jobs

By Sbongile Dimbaza

LORRAINE squatters have vowed not to leave the area unless they are
relocated to a safer environment.

They voiced their anger yesterday at the municipalitys decision to move
them to Rocklands, which they said would only bring setbacks to their

Among their many concerns is their children being moved far from their
schools. They also said the move would translate to loss of jobs for most of them.

Municipal officials convened an urgent meeting yesterday with squatters in a bid to persuade them to accept the offer.

Councillor Mike Nzothoyi said he feared that if the squatters continued to
be stubborn and refused to leave, they would have to face legal action
because they were occupying private land.

Our aim here is to convince them to accept our decision that the best for
them is to move to Rocklands where they will have access to clean water and sewerage, he said.

But this was met with contempt by some squatters who said it did not make any sense to be moved from a city to a farm.

I have lived on this land for 33 years and suddenly somebody tells me to
just pack and leave, said Walter Campher.

Advocate Feizal Rodrigues, who represents the community, said there was no fairness in the municipalitys actions as it would have negative economic implications if people are moved.

People would lose their jobs if they are sent far from their places of
work. That would also mean their kids will miss out on the chance of attending school, he said.

The group initially requested to be moved to Fairview.

Nzothoyi said the municipality had been forced to come up with an
alternative site to Fairview as the land there was still under restitution.