The Road Blockades are Up on the East Rand

28 May 2018
Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Statement

Road Blockade, East Rand

The Road Blockades are Up on the East Rand

For years we have tried to talk to the politicians and officials in the Ekurhuleni Municipality and Gauteng Provincial Government about our urgent need for land and housing. These attempts have been fruitless. Since we founded the Zikode Extension land occupation we have faced relentless illegal evictions as well as police violence and death threats. We went to court to try and stop the illegal evictions and were told that our concerns were not urgent. In the meantime, armed men have been looking for our leaders and we are getting sick after night after night in the open after our shacks have been demolished.

We have decided to organise a strike. This morning we have blocked a number of roads on the East Rand in protest against the ongoing illegal evictions, the police violence and the threats from local ANC leaders. We have not taken this decision lightly and we know that the blockades will result in more police violence.

However we are serious about our lives, about our children’s future and about our dignity as human beings. We cannot accept that we must continue to be treated as we are being treated.

The land is ours. We will build a community here and raise our children here.

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