Justice delayed is justice denied but celebration for the eKhenana three

Friday, 1 October 2021
Abahlali press statement

Justice delayed is justice denied but celebration for the eKhenana three

The case for Bonono, Gasela and Miya was scheduled for today for a senior public prosecutor’s decision. The last time we were in court the state made it clear that it had completed its investigation. However, it was now left to the senior prosecutor to make a decision.
However, when we got to court this morning the prosecutor asked for an opportunity to interview all the state witnesses. This was very strange because the investigating officer had done all of that and was satisfied.For that reason the magistrate adjourned the matter for Monday, 4 October. When our lawyer asked for bail for Miya he was refused. He then asked for bail conditions to be relaxed for Bonono and Gasela he was also refused.

The prosecution had all the time at their disposal over six months to interview the state witnesses but failed to do so. It is unfair to delay proceedings with Miya remaining in custody.
Our lives continue to be vandalized. The eKhenana three case has been withdrawn on Wednesday. The obvious expectation was that Bonono, Gasela and Miya’s case was going to be withdrawn today too.

We are disappointed about this delay as it means that justice has been delayed once more, and therefore denied once more. We will have to go back to court on Monday with the hope that a competent court would have done its job.

We were, however, pleased to have a wonderful celebration to welcome the eKhenena three home to the occupation after their release on Wednesday.
We wish to thank our comrades, friends and partners from around the world who continue to stand in solidarity with us.


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