Umphithi News: Informal settlements to be eradicated

Umphithi News, August/September 2007, published by the Msunduzi Municipality

Informal settlements to be eradicated

The Msunduzi Municipality has put plans in place to prevent the further proliferation of informal settlements in and around the city.

Acting Municipal Manager, Skhumbuzo Mpanza, told Umphithi News that the mushrooming of informal settlements was of great concern to the city but that it would soon be a thing of the past as effective strategies have been put in place to discourage further land invasions leading to the
development of slums.

According to Mpanza some of the strategies are aimed at the eradication of the existing slums as well as preventing the emergence of new ones. The strategies include the intensification of of policy enforcement efforts, preparation and funding of Environmental and Rehabilitation
Plans for the evacuated areas and the creation of area management committees.

Mpanza said that while the issue of inadequate housing and homelessness was a big challenge, the municipality will, however, continue to address the issue through various housing schemes aimed at improving better living conditions for the people.

“The Municipality is intensifying its social housing schemes through a plan that involves the identification of lower income people into areas where there are major economic activities”, said Mpanza.

He added that the Municipality was also working to promote the integration of races as well as promoting spatial access to economic opportunity, job creation through provision of more social housing, and affordable rental housing.

According to the report recently submitted to council about 16 000 houses have been built and handed over to the people.

“This shows the municipality’s commitment to addressing the needs of the people as far as housing is concerned”, said Mpanza.

He added that other major housing projects are currently underway within the Msunduzi municipality.

“Developments are taking place in Unit H, Lot 182, Unit S, Slangspruit valley, and Emantshaheni projects”, said Mpanza. Other projects earmarked for consideration include Copesville, Peace Valley 2, and Glenwood East sector.