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29 October 2007

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Regulatory Division warns consumers to refrain from buying non-pressure paraffin stoves named Panda, produced by Tao Ying Metal (Pty) Ltd, as they do not comply with the requirements of the Compulsory Specification.

In terms of the specification, non-pressure paraffin stoves must meet safety, health and environmental standards. However Tao Ying Metal stoves meet none of the above requirements and this leaves consumer’s safety and health at risk.

On several occasions SABS warned Tao Ying Metal not to sell these paraffin stoves, as they are one of the major causes of fire hazard in the shacks and in rural communities leaving many communities displaced and further disadvantaged.

In the light that many disadvantaged communities in South African still do not have access to electricity mostly continue to use paraffin stoves. In this regard, SABS pleaded with the company to apply corrective majors, but the company deliberately failed the SABS.

What is even more disturbing about the behaviour of the company is that its officials were part of the Compulsory Specification Formulation Process. Therefore they know what to do and what not to do.

Several meetings were held with the company and legal directives were issued to the company to recall all its non-compliant products in the market, not to sell the existing stock until further notice, but the company told SABS that it has sold the stoves to Namibia and Lesotho however it has failed to produce proof of export.

It is extremely difficult for a layman on the street to identify this product with an exception that it is written Panda. To protect the consumer and the markets SABS has taken necessary legal action against the company.

Any company in possession of this product must return it to Tao Ying Metal (Pty) Ltd immediately and anyone found distributing this product after this warning will too face a legal action.

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