Solidarity: Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign and Delft residents now seeking urgent court order to stop the forced removal


The Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign and residents of Delft who occupied the new houses last week, are on their way to the Cape High Court to seek an urgent Rule Nisi preventing Minister of Housing Lindiwe Sisulu, from forcibly removing them at 9am this morning.

The Campaign is confident of success since the State does not have an eviction order.

About 1000 long suffering backyard dwellers of Delft occupied the houses last week. Although police removed them by force, unlawfully since they had no eviction order, the residents re-occupied the houses on the weekend.

At 4am this morning massive amounts of private security and police and army entered the area and started preparing to evict people again. Yesterday, a Mr Kolbi (082 4922922) who is a manager with one of the construction companies working there threatened people with physical violence for most of the day, and tried to evict them himself.

Thus we see the ANC’s application of their “rule of law” – private individuals are allowed to roam around freely threatening the vulnerable (Kolbi is not the sheriff of the court who does not have a court order to evict people anyway), the state deploys large amounts of forces to evict without a court order, and forced removals are the order of the day.

For info from the court call Ashraf Cassiem on 076 1861408