Solidarity: 1 000 Delft residents to appear at Cape High Court tomorrow Tues 29 January

Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign Press Statement

Monday 28th January 2008

CAPE TOWN – About 1000 Delft residents who occupied “Breaking New Ground” homes in Delft on December 20th 2007 will appear in the Cape High Court again tomorrow.

As usual, all the residents will be coming to the court and will hold a rally outside.

The residents will continue to be represented by Ashraf Cassiem, Anti-Eviction Campaign Legal Co-ordinator, since they do not have money for an advocate. The residents are all demanding to stay in their homes that they have occupied. All residents have a moral and legal right to be in those homes, having been on the waiting list for as long as 20 years.

The Anti-Eviction Campaign also rejects Thubelisha Homes’ assertion that the Anti-Eviction Campaign is working with the DA. Our position is very clear “no house, no land, no job, no vote.” We don’t support any political party, we support the people. The Anti-Eviction Campaign has a long history of opposing both the DA and ANC’s identical housing, water and evictions policies.

For comment please call Ashraf Cassiem on 076 1861408