Building a Consensus in Support of Participatory Upgrades in the Cities & Against Forced Removals to Rural Dumping Grounds

Minutes coming soon courtesy of David Ntseng.

But, in the meantime, here are some of S bu Zikode s opening remarks:

We are the people who do not count. Therefore in our movement everyone s voice counts. Therefore we struggle to make everyone count, to make everyone s thought count. The time has done when only experts can speak and decide for the poor.

And Mnikelo Ndabankulu s opening remarks:

Our movement is unmarried, it is not even engaged. It is independent from all political parties. The people in the shacks never got what is called dignity. The people in the shacks never got what is called respect. So we are claiming that platform. When we claimed it we were told Be patient. We were told Be professional . We asked For how long? We were told You are out of order! . That is where we claimed our platform – out of order. From that platform we are fighting for land and houses in the city. We are not just fighting for land and houses. We are Durbanites. We like to be close to work, and schools and libraries. We are against ruralisation. That is why we are fighting for land and housing in the city.