PASSOP: We fear war in Johannesburg

Press-Statement for immediate Release

We fear war in Johannesburg

Zimbabweans will rush into Johannesburg in large numbers

South Africa is faced with an on going migration crisis, with over 3 million immigrants from Zimbabwe alone. This crisis is a result of hardships faced by Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe. This crisis has led to frustrations among the South African poor who have been forced to compete with the immigrant populations for basic resources and employment. In the recent past we have seen the ugly face of xenophobia, resulting in many deaths, massive displacement of the immigrant population and a large reverse migration of immigrants back into there poverty and war stricken countries. The South African police were unable to deal with the violence and the army had to be called in.

Zimbabwe’s June 27th runoff elections were the only hope of a peaceful presidential succession. The numbers of Zimbabweans migrating into South Africa had slowed down in the hope of a new president. There had been a reverse migration by a number of Zimbabweans who had hoped to see the economy improve under new leadership. In light of the withdrawal of Morgan Tsvangirai from the elections, we appeal to Thabo Mbeki to intervene immediately and to plan the return of the opposition leader into the presidential race. It is clear that violence has made free and fair elections impossible.

We fear that Zimbabweans will flood into South Africa, like never before, resulting in further frustrations among the poor South Africans. The numbers we can expect, if the Zimbabwean people have no chance of changing their president, will result in massive bloodshed. It is the worst possible time for a drastic increase in migration into South Africa, it will be war.

If we don’t intervene we will pay for our lack of intervention on our own soil by shooting South Africans who fight the consequences of Mbeki’s tolerance of Mugabe. It would be better to fight a war in Zimbabwe.

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