Daily News: Ward councillor locked in home over service delay


Ward councillor locked in home over service delay

September 12, 2008 Edition 1


Residents of Siyanda in KwaMashu, north of Durban, have been urged to be patient for service delivery.

This plea came from the councillor of the area, Mdudu-zi Madondo, after some of the community marched to the home of a ward committe member, locked her in her house anddemanded speedy service delivery.

Some houses do not have electricity and running water.

The angry protesters storm-ed Ntombizethu Mhlongo’s house in the early hours of Tuesday. They demanded that she call Madondo as they claimed he had refused to listen to their grievances when they approached his office.

Mhlongo was locked in her home for almost four hours and was freed by the police, who managed to disperse the rowdy crowd.

“The people were angry because my house was one of those that has electricity in Siyanda. They felt this was favouritism because I am the ward councillor.

“I understand the people’s frustration – there are many problems with the infrastructure,” said Mhlongo.

She said residents told her that they would target all the people in the ward committee unless their grievances were dealt with by the councillor.

Madondo, who arrived with the police, said people without electricity should wait their turn because power would eventually be supplied to every house in Siyanda.