Police Support for Landlord Intimidation Continues in Motala Heights

Thursday, 30 April 2009
Abahlali baseMjondolo Motala Heights Press Statement

Police Support for Landlord Intimidation Continues in Motala Heights

Three families from lot 35 in Motala Heights are facing a plainly unlawful attempt at eviction. Yesterday some of them went to court, with the support of the UKZN law clinic, as part of the process of contesting their eviction.

When they returned home from court they were subject to severe harassment from the landlord’s family. It started with verbal abuse – a lot of it highly racist. People were threatened that they would be beaten out of their homes if they tried to ‘be clever’ by ‘running to the court.’ After some time the verbal abuse escalated into physical violence. The nephew and then the pregnant daughter of one of the women facing eviction were both assaulted.

The police were called. When they came they said that they could not help tenants and they just walked away. One of the women replied that: “My mother is in Abahlali baseMjondolo and last year we interdicted the Pinetown police to force them to follow the law and to protect everyone in this community. The court has said that you are not allowed to only see for the rich in this community.” But the police refused to help.

A relative of the landowner who works for the Pinetown Police then arrived. He was in his normal clothes. He said to the tenants: “You can’t stay here. We are in charge here. You people are just like animals. Fuck off from here.” He is notorious in this community for using his position in the police to intimidate people.

After some discussion Abahlali baseMjondolo advised the people to go the station to open an assault charge. At the same time all the Abahlali members in Motala were alerted to try and organise collective self defence.

As soon as the Pinetown police heard the name of the family that had been insulting and assaulting the tennants they just refused to open a charge. This has happened many, many times before. All over Durban the police refuse to open charges against other polices. But here in Pinetown they just refuse to allow a poor person to open a charge against a rich person. In Pinetown the police will only see for you if you have a contact. The name for this is corruption.

A local Abahlali activist went to the police station this morning. She demanded to see the Station Commander or the Station Director. She explained to numerous police officers that:

1. This attempted eviction is clearly unlawful.

2. Everyone has the right to go to court to contest an eviction.

3. There is already an interdict forcing the Pinetown police to obey the law and to offer support to everyone in Motala Heights, including poor people.

4. The harassment of the tenants is unlawful.

She tried the whole day to see the station commander or the director but they were both always ‘in a meeting’. But she was able to get case number. The Pinetown Police station is so deeply corrupted that for a poor person to actually get a case number in a situation like this is very unusual. But there was no real co-operation. In fact the behaviour of the Pinetown Police is disgusting.

For many years shack dwellers in Sydenham, Clare Estate and Reservoir Hills struggled against the Sydenham Police station. After many, many marches and some court cases the Sydenham Police Station is finally starting to treat poor people like human beings. But no one was surprised when polices that were brought in from Pinetown to try and ban UnFreedom Day in Kennedy Road, in Clare Estate, on 27 April were bought from Pinetown. It seems that the movement will have now have to shift its focus of struggle to the Pinetown Police.

The Pinetown police have a long history of working for the rich and against the poor without regard to what is lawful and what is unlawful. They will never arrest a landlord for an illegal eviction or an assault on a tenant. In fact landlords continue to take rent and build on property that they don’t even own! Ricky Govender continues to dump toxic waste where ever he feels like. The police do nothing. Even journalists are blatantly intimidated in Motala Heights.

Tomorrow Abahlali will continue to try and meet with the Station Commander or the Director of the Pinetown SAPS. We will also continue to mobilise the community for the purpose of self defence. We will also look for a pro-bono lawyer that can:

1. Interdict the landlords and their families from insulting or assaulting the tenants that are opposing evictions.

2. Ask a judge to order the arrest of the Pinetown Police officers if they continue to refuse to protect the poor from the open criminality of the rich in Motala Heights.

For further information and comment please contact:

Shamita Naidoo: 074 315 7962
Bongo Dlamini: 074 875 6234

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