Afrika Soree! Fraternal Solidarity Message to Abahlali baseMjondolo


Pan-Afrikan Human and Peoples’ Rights International Defence Campaign

c/o PAFISCC-GRASSNIF Connexions,

P.O. Box 51925, London SW9 6YL, United Kingdom.

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[A Document for Public Circulation, released 6th October 2009, by AFRIKA SOREE! in London, United Kingdom, through the ABENGOMA Panafrikademy Project of PANAFRIINDABA]

Our Very Dear “Amadelakufa”,


We of the Global Coordinating Council (GCC) of the AFRIKA SOREE! Pan-Afrikan Human and Peoples’ Rights International Defence Campaign are inundated overwhelmingly with pressing demands from our affiliated organisations as well as associated groups, individuals and networks throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika, to express the most cordial of our solidarity greetings to you of Abahlali baseMjondolo and your Colleagues of the Poor People’s Alliance in South Africa. Our Colleagues of the PANAFRIINDABA All-Afrikan People’s Community Consultative Commission in Europe, together with whom we very closely work here in London, United Kingdom, have drawn our attention to the politically orchestrated murderous gangsteric attacks started at 23.30 hours on Saturday, 26th September 2009, and prolonged for at least 23 hours, by armed thuggish rogues connected to local renegade apparatchiks of the governing African National Congress (ANC), upon your affiliated Kennedy Road Development Committee (KRDC) in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

We of AFRIKA SOREE! share the view, expressed in the 30th September 2009 statement of the Slum Dwellers International (SDI), that the unwarranted criminal assault upon the Kennedy Road membership of your Abahlali baseMjondolo in Durban, South Africa, mirrors similar acts of violence that are regularly perpetrated, most often with impunity, against the urban and rural masses of impoverished peoples throughout the World; as for example, “the outward manifestation of ethnic violence, which was, in fact, an attack launched by vested political and property interests”, against the slum-dwelling Mmoborowa of Agbogbloshie (Old Fadama) in Accra, Ghana. We must therefore redouble our principled efforts in concertedly exposing, vehemently condemning and thoroughly refuting the blatant lies with which various unscrupulous misleaders seek to distract attention from their own selfishly treacherous complicity in aggravating the neocolonialist crises of imperialist Underdevelopment/Maldevelopment throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika today by contriving to blame it all upon the impoverished Mmoborowa masses of our Wretched of the Earth. Such misleading elitist contricksters in various positions of authority within the governmental, miseducational, security and other organs and institutions of the repressive neocolonial state machinery of Imperialism, which is still virtually intact in most countries of present-day Afrika, must not be allowed to get away with their treason by our gullible acceptance of their bamboozling attempts to deceitfully throw blinding dust into our eyes, so that many deceptively fooled nincompoops can be drawn into supporting them in playing their obscurantist game of blaming their own gross failures upon the most vulnerable of the victims of their crimes – the excruciatingly suffering, exploited and, therefore, severely impoverished masses of our Afrikan people!

The Mmoborowahala Grassroots Resistance Against Impoverishment Network (MMOBOROWAHALA-GRAIN), which is building itself from the Action Research Team Squads (ARTS) of grassroots-embedded “Living Learning” Scholar-Activists within Communities of the Wretched of the Earth throughout West Africa, with your Abahlali baseMjondolo as its exemplary model organisation; the ADZEWAGBETO Pan-Afrikan Women’s Liberation Union and its auxiliary Adeshiemmaa Sisterhood of Women’s Empowerment Clubs; the EDIKANFO Pan-Afrikan Youth and Students Internationalist Link (EDIKANFO-PAYSIL); the TANUSROHA which is also striving, as the Tanyigbe International People’s Empowerment Society of Lifelong Learning for Global Citizenship Action, to utilise local grassroots popular democratic creativity in enriching, adapting and popularising your “Living Learning” Praxis of the Pedagogy of Liberation to advance Pan-Afrikan Knowledge Integration into Global Citizenship Education in the Volta Region of Ghana; the Adieyiekuafo Positive Action Farmers Network; and other groups and networks of the ADIEYIEMANFO Movement of Positive Action Networks, based in Accra, Ghana, have all strongly demanded the use of our AFRIKA SOREE! Campaign, to which they are affiliated, to register their condemnation of these outrageous attacks and the most vociferous expression of our militant collective solidarity in defence of your inalienable Human and Peoples’ Rights. Adding their voices to such demands also are the All-Afrika Students Union Link in Europe (AASULE), the Pan-Afrikan Fora International Support Coordinating Committee (PAFISCC), the UJIMASAFO Pan-Afrikan Labour Internationalist Solidarity Network (UJIMASAFO-PALISON), the Black Quest for Justice Campaign (BQJC), the Black Abolitionist Christian Study and Action Group (BACSAG), the Black Abolitionist Inter-Faith Study and Action Network (BAIFSAN), the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe (PARCOE), the Grassroots South-North Internationalist Forum (GRASSNIF) and the Global Justice Forum (GJF). The Kwame Nkrumah Convention People’s Party (KNCPP) of Ghana and its pro-Nkrumah alliance of progressive forces rallying together at home and abroad under the global umbrella of the NKRUMAHBUSUAFO Kwame Nkrumah Convention Family Movement, and their associated NKRUMAHDANFO Friends of Kwame Nkrumah International (NKRUMAHDANFO-FOKNI), whilst still harbouring lots of goodwill towards the African National Congress (ANC), have expressed to us, with condemnation, their deep regret that these despicable attacks upon Abahlali baseMjondolo have defiled our joint celebration of 2009 as the Year not only of the 100th Birth Anniversary (Centenary) of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, “the Afrikan of the Millennium”, and of the 50th Anniversary of the triumph of the glorious Cuban Revolution but also of the 130th Anniversary of the spectacular 22nd January 1879 Victory of the masses of our Afrikan people against the British colonizing forces of European Imperialism in the epic Battle of Isandhlwana!

It is disgustingly sickening to continue hearing and reading about these horrendous criminal acts of recurrent xenophobic violence in South Africa of all places! Shockingly, not only incorrigible and/or roguish elements of the Apartheid-designed state machinery of South Africa but also even some ANC members at all levels, seem to be hypocritically conniving, abetting and colluding with its sadistic perpetrators, if not actively participating, orchestrating or even scheming these heinous crimes of barbaric reactionary violence against the ordinary masses of Afrikan people from within and outside Southern Africa! Alarmingly, Global Apartheid appears to be still criminally thriving with impunity, under its confusing disguise of “Black-Skin-White-Masks”, in South Africa today; and, even more alarmingly, it is now unrepentantly threatening to expand its genocidal outreach to disastrously engulf our entire continent and diaspora of Afrika! Most disturbingly, the bloodthirsty elitist henchmen, agents, quislings, mercenaries and runningdogs of Global Apartheid seem to be on a revanchist, vengeful and hyper-terroristic mission against our Wretched of the Earth and their allied progressive forces who had constituted the bulwark of the Anti-Apartheid movement and carried the brunt of Resistance against White Supremacist Racism all over the World! What a shame!!!

Nevertheless, the signatories to the petition being addressed to President Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma, and the comments from many of those who have so far signed it on the Worldwidewebsite , amply demonstrate that both old and new trailblazing Anti-Apartheid Internationalist Solidarity Campaigners are rising up again to the very much necessary global defence of Abahlali baseMjondolo, the Poor People’s Alliance and other new Freedomfighting “Amadelakufa” of the resurgent People’s Power “Amandla” Resistance against Global Apartheid within and outside South Africa today. We of AFRIKA SOREE! are therefore confident that the hydra-headed monster of Global Apartheid will now be even more fiercely resisted than ever before to its definitive total annihilation from the grassroots of all Communities of Resistance all over the World in many resoundingly victorious “Isandhlwana” battles, relentlessly spearheaded by our courageous frontrank Combatants of the Wretched of the Earth, till its inevitable sweeping away into the ignominy of the dustbin of History! To President Zuma, we respectfully say, only you and your Colleagues can determine whether or not the ANC shall eventually be swept away, together with Global Apartheid, into such a garbage tank of History by the “Amandla” might of the true Peoples’ Power of our Wretched of the Earth, supported by all the progressive forces of the World. We know very well the choice the original Pan-Afrikanist founders of the ANC would have liked to make unequivocally in deciding the answer very clearly to this question. You, President Zuma, are personally accountable to the whole continent and diaspora of Afrika, indeed to the entire World, for whatever is happening in South Africa now. Do please therefore, Mr. President, honour our best Afrikan Freedomfighting principles, traditions and glorious Heritage of “Maatubuntu”, as we of AFRIKA SOREE! join our Colleagues in calling them all together, by scrupulously ensuring the full respect, defence and security of the new generations of “Amadelakufa” of our Wretched of the Earth, who are rising up from the grassroots into the ranks of Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Poor People’s Alliance in South Africa and their likes such as the Mmoborowahala and the ADIEYIEMANFO all over the continent and diaspora of Afrika now. For, nothing is capable of stopping them from continuing to rise towards inevitable Victory in legitimate Resistance to safeguard their own inalienable entitlements as you are bound, in domestic as well as International Law, to help them do, in compliance with such vital instruments as not only the hard fought for and won Anti-Apartheid Constitution of the supposedly democratic Republic of South Africa but also the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Make no mistake! We expect you to perform your honourable duty by ensuring absolute respect for the Human and Peoples’ Rights to true Democracy within and beyond South Africa for our Colleagues of Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Poor People’s Alliance, which we highly regard as indispensable pathbreaking contingents of our continuity Freedomfighting movements for total Pan-Afrikan Liberation and Global Justice for all.

To you of Abahlali baseMjondolo and the whole Poor People’s Alliance of South Africa we say: “Ayeekooo! – our ‘Soundjata Lion’s Pride’ of you gallant “Amadelakufa” New Breed of Freedomfighting Champions of our Wretched of the Earth – Yayeee!!! You are courageously picking up with contagiously reinvigorating strength, and striving to raise even higher aloft, the glorious Freedomfighting banners of many of our fallen Afrikan Champions of Global Justice for all! You are daring to venture forward, in truly revolutionary continuity of our age-old Freedomfighting, way beyond where cowards, turncoats and other traitors to our glorious cause of total Pan-Afrikan Liberation for Global Justice have chosen not to proceed. That is why there are heightening demands from our grassroots-embedded Activists throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika for the firm positioning of our AFRIKA SOREE! banners of the Pan-Afrikan defence of all Human and Peoples’ Rights alongside you, in the trenches of our Communities of Resistance, wherever you of Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Poor People’s Alliance are in South Africa today. May you always have the ever enriching “Nyansapo” Wisdom-guidance of our revered Afrikan Freedomfighting Ancestral Sheroes and Heroes, as abundantly plentiful as the blessings that come with our sacred hymn: “Nkosi sikelele i-Afrika”! For, amongst many other things, your excellent “Living Learning” exemplary Praxis of the revolutionary Peoples’ empowering Pedagogy of Liberation provides hugely inspiring “Return to the Source” lessons of authentic Pan-Afrikanist grassroots creativity in Global Justice Conscientization to us all over the World today. Undoubtedly, therefore, you are leading the way to making us all to successfully fight to win and secure the inevitable resounding Victory of true Freedom, true Human and Peoples’ Rights, and of course, true Global Justice for all!!!


Amandla Ngawethu!

Forward Ever Onward to victorious Peoples’ Power!



The Global Coordinating Council,


Pan-Afrikan Human and Peoples’ Rights International Defence Campaign,

London, United Kingdom.

5th October 2009.