Haiti Solidarity Event: Cindy Mkhize

Three months ago Cindy was standing barefoot outside the Sydenham Police station while Superintendent Glen Nayagar had his friends video tape his vicious assault on her husband. Her home is often raided by the police. Her husband is harrased at work every time Abahlali marches. He has been publically slandered by a tiny network of NGO leftists furious that Abahlali would rather think and act for itself in the lifeworld of ordinary poor people than subordinate itself to their meetings about meetings about their place in a tiny left NGO network about which the vast majority of poor people have never heard a word and which the police and intelligence agencies wisely deem irrelevant. He is always out late at high stakes meetings about survival and struggle in the world inhabited by the poor and their actually existing movements. If film makers need outside commentry on the struggles of the poor it would be good to have someone like Cindy commenting in a film about the struggles of the poor in Haiti. She knows some things about the way the world is.