CLP: People’s Food, People’s Sovereignty (Edition # 6: June, 2010)

People’s Food, People’s Sovereignty (Edition # 6: June, 2010)

From walking and working with groups and communities who struggle for food and for sovereignty in their lives, we know that there are so many people who go to sleep without food – often for three days and more at a time. Our country’s history of violence, conquest and theft undermined the social, political and productive lives of the people. It deliberately attacked the ability of the majority to live their lives to the full and on their own terms. And even after more than 15 years of our so-called ‘democracy’, the masses of the people, especially in rural areas, still struggle for life. Being landless, penniless, jobless, sick and without the resources for farming (which includes access to safe, affordable water) are some of the reasons why these people cannot produce. In this newsletter we share some aspects of these different places and the struggles of the people there. There are many things in common across the different experiences and places.

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Yours Sincerely,

Rev. Thulani Ndlazi