Backyarder arrested but workers on housing site agree to suspend construction

Backyarder arrested but workers on housing site agree to suspend construction

Early this morning at 03h00, Backyarder Loyiso Mfuku was arrested by Metro Police. He was sleeping in his home with his family. He was arrested on charges of intimidation laid by William Norushu, a local ANC member who is very close to Councillor Raider Mkhutswana.

Yesterday evening, about 15 Backyarders converged on Harare Police Station to complain about Mr. Norushu and his attempts at intimidating Backyarders who challenge his personal agenda to gain political office in Ward 97. Backyarders complained to police that Mr. Norushu was using his political connections and relationship with local police to intimidate Backyarders and prevent them from fighting for adequate housing in the ward.

After marching again to the Police Station this morning, Backyarders have convinced the police to release Mr Mfuku on police bail. He is now back safe with his family. Many of us have also opened our own cases of intimidation against Mr Norushu.

Later in the morning, we returned to the housing development in Section 21. They demanded that the housing development be suspended until their demands are met. This includes ownership of 50% of the housing being built on the land, consultation in all aspects of the development, and jobs for Mandela Park residents in this and all future housing developments.

The Foreman on site has now agreed to suspect building until Backyarders’ as satisfied. We await our promised meeting with the Provincial Human Settlements Department and their commitment to our demands in writing. We will also return to the development tomorrow morning to ensure that the Foreman honours our request.

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