Community to block corrupt construction in Mandela Park today

Community to block corrupt construction in Mandela Park today
Mandela Park Backyarders Press Release – 15 September 2010

The community of Mandela Park decided to hold a general meeting this past Saturday to look at the current abuse of leadership in Mandela Park as well as the housing crisis in the area. In a hall that was packed with well over 100 fuming residents, the community a gave clear signal that development in the area was like a ship without its rudder.

In the meeting, Mr. Makade (local SANCO Chairperson), was alleged to have his own company subcontracting under Chiwari (the main contractor for current housing construction in Mandela Park). The community also said that Makade was abusing his powers as SANCO chairperson to solicit a security tender for his unregistered company. There was no consultation with the community with regards to either tender. Makade is believed to be operating this company with his fellow unelected SANCO leadership with whom the community is sick and tired. The mass meeting of residents demanded that the SANCO leadership must withdrawn from Mandela Park activities as we don’t want them to control our affairs any-longer. If they refuse to stop we will stop them by force.

In the meeting, the residents’ anger also focused on the new housing development where it was agreed that the development be blocked until the provincial Minister for Human Settlements attend to peoples demand. Backyarders have long demanded that the MEC come and address the community in Mandela Park. The mass meeting insisted the housing project continue to be blocked until the MEC comes to us – period!

The blocking of the project will continue. Today, Wednesday the 15 September 2010, Mandela Park residents are expected to march to the development site to demand constructors stop building until the MEC respond to our demands.

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