Construction In Mandela Park still closed but managing agent breaks with MEC and supports the Backyarders

26 September 2010 – Backyarders Press Release
Construction In Mandela Park still closed but managing agent breaks with MEC and supports the Backyarders

The residents of Mandela Park have now found unity after seeing the total failure of the government in developing their community. In a mass general meeting, residents vowed to support to the Backyarders in their effort to get houses in an effective and fair manner in the area.

Backyarders have welcomed the support other Mandela Park residents as we push for the firing of the contractor owned by SANCO chairperson Mr. Makade at the current housing construction site. Because of our demands, his unregistered company that was operating on site has been withdrawn by SEBRA, the managing agent for the development. Mr. Makade has now also been fired as the Community Liaison Officer for this development. In place of Makade’s people, SEBRA has now hired unemployed residents of Mandela Park to man the construction site.

In a huge turn of events, SEBRA is also now recognising the Backyarders and the Interim Committee (not SANCO) as the real representatives of the residents of Mandela Park. SEBRA is also saying there is housing stock available for us. However, we as the Backyarders are concerned that SEBRA’s recent support for our demands comes as their contract is about to finish at the end of September.

Still, Mandela Park residents have supported the Backyarders by saying that the construction cannot continue because there is no sign of engagement from the MEC.

MEC (Bonginkosi Madikizela) when interviewed last month he said there was nothing wrong in Mandela Park and he was in regular contact with the people of our community. However:

* We can prove that the minister is lying when he said nothing was going wrong. Construction has been suspended by the community because something is very rotten in our community.
* We can prove that the MEC’s ignorance and arrogance means that he cannot even face communities that he has promised to respond to.
* We can also prove that there are government officials who are covering up for the corruption that is taking place in Mandela Park. Some of the individuals working close with the MEC have been shown to be involved in the selling of houses in the area.
* We can prove that some of the declared beneficiaries from Gugulethu are registered with contradicting information in the Province’s database and that of government contractor SEBRA.
* Finally, we are calling for an independent investigation into the corruption as we have prove of houses are were illegally sold and there are some that are currently on sale.

These irregularities show how corruption has come to manifest itself within our communities and within the government. In due course, within Mandela Park all corrupt individuals will be dealt by the community.

Our Message to the Minister is this: From now on, in Mandela Park, “we, the community, give the mandate and the government obeys”

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