The Uprising of Hangberg

THE UPRISING OF HANGBERG is a documentary on the human rights violations in Hangberg, Cape Town created by internationally acclaimed filmmaker and artist Aryan Kaganof, Dylan Valley, the award winning director of Afrikaaps, and community representative Greg Louw.

Through stark, often shocking footage and interviews they explore the aftermath of the recent police brutality on the Hout Bay community. Moving from character to character, perspective to perspective, the film is a complex and moving portrait of parallel lives thrust into violence.

At once a disturbing document and a powerful rallying call for citizen activism, it is the story of a people on a pivot point between existence and non-existence. Marginalised by society, attacked by the very system they voted into power, maligned in the media, there is only one thing for them to control: the telling of their own story. THE UPRISING OF HANGBERG thus becomes more than just a war story, its an intimate portrait that engages the complexities of identity as they meet with race, place, nationality, memory and the legacies of apartheid and forced removal.