Cape Times: Protesting youths rock township

Philippi is not an AbM area. But the usual point still stands. Destroying traffic lights, blocking roads and burning tyres is damage to property and it is disruption but it is not violence. On the other hand the police action of firing rubber bullets is violence.

Protesting youths rock township

October 22, 2010 Edition 2

VIOLENCE has erupted in Samora Machel, Philippi, with a crowd of youths destroying traffic lights and barricading streets with burning tyres.

Police Nyalas were deployed and rubber bullets fired into a group that refused to disperse and repeatedly lit fires on street corners last night.

The police blocked off roads into Samora Machel and diverted traffic to Mitchells Plain, while residents warned motorists to avoid flashpoints.

The protest was the latest called by Abahlali baseMjondolo in the past two weeks.

In Browns Farm, mobile toilets were dragged into the street and set alight.

In Khayelitsha, Mew Way was blocked off because of an earlier protest.

No injuries or arrests were reported. – Staff Writer