Africon Steals Building Materials from People on the eMmaus Occupation

18 February 2011
Emergency Press Statement from Abahlali baseMmaus

Theft of Building Material in eMmaus

A company called Africon is currrently stealing shack dwellers building materials in eMmaus, Pinetown. An employee of Africon, known as Mkhize, is leading this corporate thuggery. Khanyi Dlamuka, a young lady, has had to face this tyranny on her own in the small settlement at eMmaus as other residents are at work. However other comrades are rushing to eMmaus to support her.

Mkhize refuses to say where he is taking the building material. He has already taken six bakkie loads full.

The company that owns this land and which was stopped for illegally evicting the residents, the Mahogany Ridge Property Owners Association, has also erected a dangerous electric fence around the land. There are children living in this settlement and it is an extremely reckless act by this company to erect an electric fence in a place where children live and play.

For comment and up to the minute information contact Khanyi Dlamuka on 071 218 3007