Press Statement for 21st March 2011 (Human Rights Day)

Press Statement for 21st March 2011 (Human Rights Day)

On the 21 March 2011 Abahlali baseMjondolo Western Cape will have a mass rally at VE informal Settlement at 10:00 till 13:00.

The aim of the rally is to launch our campaign for the 2011 local government elections, which is: No! Land No! House No! Water No! Electricity No! Jobs No! Vote.

As much as this day was supposed to be celebrated as a Human Rights Day in South Africa and having one of the best constitution in the world which recognised the socio economic rights.

As ordinary citizen of this country we find it frustrating and disappointing to see that there is a huge gape between the constitution of this country and with its citizen because in reality South African government does not adhere to it’s constitutional obligation to provide it’s citizen with basic rudimental services such as: WATER, ELECTRICITY, TOILETS AND HOUSING.

Instead of providing people who can not afford to pay municipal rates with sufficient water they cut off people’s water and instead of building houses for the poor they demolish people’s houses and evict people to the edge of the city.

More than 15 communities across the city of Cape Town will join ABM WC to say No! To Capitalist Democracy. No! To ANC, DA, ID, COPE, UDM policies that lead to water cut offs, electricity cut offs and forced evictions.

The Rally is going to endorse number of activities/ programmes that the movement is going to take/ implement during its NO! LAND NO! HOUSE NO! VOTE CAMPAIGN

For more info contact: Mzonke @ 073 2562 036 or our admin @ 083 4465 081