Eye Witness News: Relocating Blikkiesdorp residents may take 5 years


Relocating Blikkiesdorp residents may take 5 years
Giovanna Gerbi | 5 Days Ago

City of Cape Town officials on Tuesday estimated that it will take between three and five years to find a permanent housing solution for residents in Blikkiesdorp.

The temporary relocation area near Delft was set up four years ago.

More than 6,000 people live in corrugated iron structures.

Eyewitness News spoke to several residents recently and many expressed dissatisfaction with their living conditions.

The city’s Housing Director Hans Smit said officials are working on relocating the residents.

“Blikkiesdorp is in fact a temporary relocating area. What we’re intending to do is as part of that project sorting out various informal settlements around the airport. We intend de-densifying the Blikkiesdorp TRA,” he said.

(Edited by Lindiwe Mlandu)