Two Illegal Evictions Successfully Resisted

Urgent Illegal Eviction at Gugulethu

Currently Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape with the Support
of Gugulethu Anti-eviction Campaign is resisting an illegal eviction
that takes place at Gugulethu NY 82 no 16.
Currently the owner of the house passed away last week due to stress
that he suffered from this eviction threat and he (the owner of the
house) was a pensioner.

He is not even buried but the the new owner of the house continues
with the eviction.

for more information call Mncedisi Twalo who is currently on the scene
at 078 580 8646 and Mzonke Poni at 073 2562 036 and Zimasa Lerumo at
083 4465 081

Two Illegal Evictions Successfully Resisted

Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape and Gugulethu Anti-eviction successfully defended two unlawful evictions today at Gugulethu.

First evcition was carried by private property developer who claimed to have bought the house at Ngawe road Nyanga East.
The second evection was carried by ENGR INVESTMENTS, intersting both evictions were carried by the same sheriff of the court and the un identified security company was used to guard the houses, and it was the same security guys in both houses and they identified themselves as securities and during the conversation they identify themselves as police officers who do security work during their off days.

The second evection took place at NY 82 no 16 where invalid court order was used to evect the family and the order its self was not addressed to the current ocupiers of the house but it was addressed to the previous owner of the house which bought the house on auction and he (the previous owner) never occupied the house at all.

And we had to go the court to pull the whole court document and on the document we learnt that the matter was on the court roll on the 16 August 2011 and the matter was withdrawn on the court roll, this means the matter was not heard on the 16th of August and on the papers of the court it was also writtern that NO ORDER WAS ISSUED but interesting enough the falls eviction order had a stamp dated 16th August 2011, while the eviction date on the order it was the 28th of February 2011.

Through the hard work we have managed to identify all the lies and able to succesfully defend these two illegal evictions and hope to be able to defend more as we have learnt that there are number of families who have been receiving intimidation letters of evections.

And on behalf of these struggling families we would like to appeal to all progressive arttoney’s who are willing to offer their service to do pro bono to liase with us as we need serious legal intervention, either be legal advise or represantation.

for more information please call Mzonke Poni who is the Chairperson of Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape at 073 2562 036 or Mncedisi Twalo who is the chairperson of the Western Cape Anti-eviction Campaign at 078 580 8646