Letter from Bishop Thabo Makgoba to Bishop Rubin Phillip on the April 2012 Kennedy Road Fire

April 4, 2012
The Bishop of Natal
The Right Revd R Phillip
P O Box 47439

My Dear Rubin

“We are deeply saddened in Holy Week to learn of the fire which has ravaged the little which the people and community still possessed. I understand that it is estimated that at least 1000 people are now homeless.

“I know of the journey of the people of Kennedy Road: of their struggle for descent housing, for dignity and respect and the realisation of their constitutional rights. As we weep with them at this time, we continue to support their call for dignity and justice, and we appeal to our leaders and to the general population to help provide people with proper houses, and to improve the provision clean water and decent sanitation.

“May the message of Easter bring consolation to the community and a resolve to continue their fight for better housing, sanitation and water, as well as for safety.”

Be assured of our prayers and support

Yours in the service of Christ

Bishop Thabo Makgoba