Youth Day 2012 Event

Abahlali baseMjondolo Youth League Youth Day 2012 Event

The nation will be commemorating the Youth Day on 16 June. This always gives us a
problem as the fact is that the majority of the people that are unemployed are
under 35 years. This is the reality of the youth. The youth of today is engaged in
drugs and early pregnancy. Some of them it’s not that they are willing, but since they
have nothing to do, they find themselves lacking things to do and end up in all
these temptations.

It’s always a concern us as the youth that are in the informal settlements,
looking at our fellow youth that are in jails and that are also in drugs.

Currently there is this pandemic that has entered the youth of today, this drug
is Called,” Whoonga”. This drug has destroyed so many youth of today.

Abahlali’s Youth League felt that it will be good enough to make sure it
award young people with the opportunity to realize their full potential. Since
they like sport we will use it to attract young people to our movement. It is
our new tool to attract young people to our struggle. A struggle for dignity
requires the involvement of young people in our struggle. We believe that we
have not done enough as a country to involve young people in the building of
this country. Abahlali will therefore use the tournament as an opportunity to
assert its living politic. In this event both soccer and athletes will be
played but during break sessions and afterwards speakers, organizers and
facilitators will talk with the young people.

The famous Imfene Dance will also be entertaining us on this day as it involves
young people of our movement and our country. They stick to their guns to be
with the movement in the streets as it has been in the courts. It is through
this political consciousness that we have a movement and cadres who stand firm
for the struggle for justice.

In response to the problem the youth of Abahlali has decided to call all the
youth to come and show case their talent. We will be looking at the talents of
soccer and athletics. The Youth league will be having a tournament which will
be held:

Date: 16 June 2012
Venue: Newlands Center
Time : 08:00 till later.

For comments please contact: Bheki Simelane on: 078 598 9491 or Thelumusa
Lembede on: 071 999 1865