TRAs Occupied in Langa

8 July 2012
Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape – Emergency Press Statement

TRAs Occupied in Langa

After the rise-up of Abahlali at the KwaLanga TRA’s that took place on Friday, Abahlali were told that there will be a meeting between Abahlali, the HDA and the corrupt leadership to reconcile and to work out a fair way forward.

While Abahlali are waiting for that meeting to take place, they are seeing people that they don’t know being allocated to the empty TRAs. So today Abahlali had a meeting and they decided as collective that today they are going to occupy those empty TRAs cause they are now being allocated to people while the issue of the corrupt leadership that has been selling them has not been dealt with. At the same time people themselves need a place to stay and are still waiting for the promised meeting with the HDA. What does not makes sense is that the offices of HDA are closed today and new people are being moved in today. By the time we can engage with the HDA it will be too late. Its clear that this corrupt area committee is continuing to sell the TRAs while there are local people who don’t have a place to stay in the area.

Viva the spirit of AsiJiki! Phansi with Corrupt Committee! Viva Operation occupy TRA’s!

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