SDCEA: Dug-Out Port, Link Road, Back-Of–Port Will Destroy Homes

Dug-Out Port, Link Road, Back-Of–Port Will Destroy Homes

Eighteen years have passed since we became a South Africa that is free from racism, discrimination and restriction. We have fought the fight for freedom of expression, the right to a healthy environment, the right to transparency, the fight for democracy!

Transnet has signed a R1.8 billion deal to buy the old Durban International Airport, which will be turned into a multi -million rand dug out port that’s supposed to create jobs and boost the county by 2019 (7years from now) but at what cost relocating residential homes of many families again we see profit before people.

The new dug-out port and link road will cause chaos in destroying many communities and we need to put a stop to this process. We need to unite and fight against this new development. Developments may have the opportunity to meet a variety of social objectives such as poverty, unemployment etc but when it is at the expense of the people and communities, We will say NO to the dug-out port and NO to the link road, NO to forced removals and NO to more relocations!

There are already numerous amounts of death caused by trucking, by implementing these new developments; it will only further ignite this issue. We are tired of the lies and the abuse of government and private business using their “money power” to influence decisions that affect us. Enough is enough!!! How many more communities need to relocate? How many more families must be forcefully removed from their homes? How many more generations have to live through this vicious cycle? How many more deaths must happen on our roads by trucks before we make the move to rail?

Merebank residents association together with the south Durban community environmental alliance are hosting a public meeting to discuss the new developments. Come and join us in speaking out on this issue and creating awareness in the community!

DATE: 30th July 2012
TIME: 18:00 to 20:30
VENUE: Merebank community hall

For more information contact: SDCEA coordinator: Desmond D’Sa at or cell: 0839826939 and MRA Chairperson: Arisha Govender Ramjanek or cell: 071 363 5180

United we need to stand, and put life before profits